"I do not want to kujichanganya na watu tena" Masogange

Agnes Masogange

Videi vixen famous Agnes Gerald, known as Masogange, has said and is clear that she does not really want to deal with the people after her trial but rather wants to be her own.

Last week Masogange dropped a bucket to jail after being sentenced to two years or paying a fine of 1.5 million shillings which she managed to pay and escape prison.

In an interview with Ijumaa Wikienda, Masogange said that he is currently seeking to live her normal life and does not want to engage in social networks as it was at the beginning because she saw it as a result of her misery.

"Now I want to live my normal life, I do not want to be involved in networking, I want my life to be quite normal".

Agnes was arrested last year for suspicion of involvement with drug abuse and general chemistry confirmed this after testing.

Masogange ahukumiwa to jela

Agnes Masogange

Kisutu Judge Magistrate's Court has sentenced her to jail three years or to pay a fine of Mil 1.5 Video Queen's famous bongo, Agnes Gerald 'Masogange' in the case of drug abuse.

Masogange has been sentenced to convicted of drug abuse by Heroin and Oxazepam.

Masogange's sentence was issued by Judge Magistrate's Court judge Kisutu, Wilbard Mashauri where he stated that "In the first case, the court imprisonment for two years or to pay a fine of Sh1 million and for the second offense, has been sentenced to 12 months or to pay fine of Sh500,000".

On February 17 last year, former police chief of the Dar es Salaam Regional Court, Simon Sirro told journalists that Masogange has been sent to the General Chemistry to test if she uses drugs.

Initially, before being tested, Masogange was arrested by police suspected of using drugs.

In 2013, she was arrested by a drug-trafficking drug used in South Africa.

Muonekano of the Msanii is the one who sells kazi zake

Tammy the Baddest

The female rap in Tanzania, Tammy the Baddest, has said that usually something that can sell artist's work is his appearance first before his own work. And this makes people feel worthwhile even desiring to work with you.

"The artist as a particular female artist must be full package, just do not appear to make music then, no! you have to sell, to sell you must have a good look, so if you let anyone see mmmh to give Tammy a show somewhat, no".

Tammy also said that even she has been very cautious about her appearance although there is a lot of time for her because fans and people who see her feel like she has a lot of money.

Vera Sidika is pregnant

Vera Sidika

The Kenyan beautiful who is also popular on the network Vera Sidika, has confirmed her pregnancies, and said that she was so passionate about her
On his own page, Vera Sidika has written the message saying she has been struggling to hide the matter for a long time, but she has found it advisable to inform the public because pregnancy is not a matter of concealing it long without people threatening you.

At the post, Vera said she was always craving before she was 30 years old and was thankful to God for the blessing he gave her for pregnancy and finally waiting for her first child with joy in only 29 years

Are You Afraid of Holistic or Alternative Health Methods?

The truth is that some are people are afraid of utilizing holistic or alternative health methods and consider these natural approaches as something close to "voodoo". They avoid anything that isn't recommended by their Medical Doctor for fear they might go against that doctors belief. Most doctors don't agree with using alternative methods instead of telling you that they just don't know anything about them or have any education in them.

A "holistic approach" to health means to properly nurture and supply nourishment to your "whole" Body, Mind & Spirit. Medicine is Science & Evidence Based and Holistic or Alternative is "Whole Being" based. It takes years & lots of money to get something approved medically. It's funny that Alternative processes used by thousands for hundreds of years aren't acknowledged. They may be significant in other countries but not recognized by the young United States Medical System. There is more attention paid to Acupuncture, Massage, Chiropractic & Nutrition in the past few years but it still is still considered as Complementary. What that means for us is that we have to become more proactive in our desire to stay healthy. We need to pay attention to what is and isn't right with us and investigate ways to improve ourselves. Don't you want to be the best you that you can be?

Do not be afraid to improve all aspects of your Holistic life. Start with any area of Mind, Body & Spirit.

Mind: explore guided imagery, visualization techniques, prayer, art therapy, dream boards, or even just writing your goals for every area of your life. Read, Listen to music, use subliminal music, write in journals, expand your mind. Learn to meditate. Ask yourself every night before going to sleep "What do I need to know?" Try a weekend "silent" retreat. Develop a whole new viewpoint about yourself & your life. Start doing something every morning and evening to keep yourself on a positive path.

Spirit: Connect to that 'Higher" part of yourself. Practice Forgiveness, Prayer, Meditation and learn to "Let go" and feel Love unconditionally. Get unstuck with something like Reiki Healing. Find Your Comfort & Your Path. Staying Stuck gets you nowhere!

Body: My Favorite - Nutrition and learning how your choices affect not just your body but your mind and your spirit. Even if you deal with Fatigue, Chronic Pain, Stress, Auto Immune disorders of any kind, there are vitamins, minerals & herbs that can help you replenish. Try not to live your life stuck on expensive trial & error drugs that offer so many side effects and in some cases don't even fix the problem. Sometimes the supplements can work side by side with your medications offering help with side effect complications and in some cases, reducing amounts needed. Find someone capable to guide you.

If you didn't already know it, you are made up of Nutrients and your body relies on you to replenish those nutrient stores from healthy sources when they are low. When we become lax in taking care of our physical body or just think we have plenty of time in our lives before how we are treating it will actually affect us, we end up with problems that we try to ignore. We consume lots of caffeine to motivate us. Sugar & Starches to get quick energy fixes & processed foods for convenience. We have force fed our adrenals, consumed very little of value and become dehydrated. Then there is "stress" in our lives that we pretend does not affect us. We get depressed and unhappy with our lives, overwhelmed and heavy hearted. Our digestive system starts screaming at us or causing us to bloat, have pain, nausea, flatulence, constipation or diarrhea. Our bodies try to get our attention any way it can. We blame it on our foods and some of it is that but first there is all the stress you are causing it mentally, physically & emotionally. We go to the gym and work out really hard, maybe too hard and kick more of that adrenaline into gear. We are stuck in a vicious cycle. We think we are being proactive by exercising but, wait, there is more to your personal story. You worry about your children, elder parents, careers, friends, what to wear, how the bills are going to get paid and can you make it home on time to get the children off the bus.

Don't be afraid to explore Holistic or Alternative Healing Avenues. Not all are equal. Some are strange but if you don't feel comfortable, try someone else. Do the same with your medical professionals. If you don't feel heard or helped, find another. You have to become your own advocate. Your doctor is not there to tell you what supplements to take, they are there to use evidence based approaches not ones that come with successful testimonials. Find an Alternative or Holistic Coach to help you determine your preventive or complementary program. You deserve all the help you can get. There are so many preventative things to help yourself.

Make your goal to not end up like the generations before you. Don't be stuck with multiple medications that aren't working. It is okay to say you need something else less invasive or debilitating. If you don't ask, they don't know. Alternative & Holistic Healing is available to enhance whatever direction you take. It can work with Medicine if you let it. Supplements are food based and unless you told to stay away from foods, you could supplement.

Sometimes when someone fears Alternative or Holistic Healing Practices, it just means that they don't have enough information to fully understand what it is or what it can do specifically for them. I urge you to get inquisitive. Check out different places and try something easy and simple like an 30 Minute Ionic Detox Foot Bath Session. Get started, You just might find you like how it makes you feel. Relax, Rejuvenate, Improve and Feel Great!

Marge has coached hundreds of clients, like you, to successfully lose weight over the last 30 years with her passion for educating in the balance of life, diet and use of supplements. Mental, physical and emotional energy takes consistent fuel that we burn up daily. Helping you understand the symptoms of your body is a number one priority. Marge is the Pioneer and Guru in the Rochester, NY area of nutrition and the Founder of Professional Nutrition Services of Rochester, Inc. Her dedication to helping you Feel Great and Look Great has brought people seeking here guidance from all areas of the world.

Travelling Is Easier With Cabs in Jodhpur

Travelling is essential at least once in a year in order to alleviate stress occurring in their daily lives. It is a way for gaining relaxation and enjoying the comforts in another city. Besides lounging, people love to explore the beauties of another locality. An example of famous tourist state is Rajasthan. It is known for its nostalgic atmosphere and monuments of the 18th century. Anyone who enjoys history should definitely pay a visit, whether it's in a group or solo. The center of attraction is all in the city of Jodhpur. It features many places like the Clock tower, Mehrangarh fort, and Sachiya Mata temple which take the tourists back in time.

Another basic reason that people travel for is to explore the different cultures, cuisines, dressing sense. Jodhpur's cuisine is known to exist in people's diet in ancient times, and thus became the originator of many food items that we eat today. Jodhpur is famous for its spicy dishes like Bajre ki Khichdi, mouth-watering sweets such as kalakand and nankeens like Mawa Kachori. Furthermore, the culture and the dressing styles are something new to experience. The women wear full-length skirts along with jackets and jewelry decorating them from top to bottom. While men are unique from the other states as they wear turbans of various colors.

Travelling may be fun but, it requires a lot of planning ahead of time as hotels need to be booked as well as cab booking needs to be done. Additionally, the budget should also be finalized in order to decide how lavish one's excursion will be. The main drawback is the heat in Jodhpur, as everything is located in the Thar Desert. It tends to rise till 40 degrees Celsius, making the visit tiring. But, no worries as there are solutions to every problem.

Jodhpur has many facilities to provide comfort to all their tourists. Cab booking in Jodhpur is like no other as its service is best. The cabs are very clean, comfortable and the taxi drivers are always punctual. The procedure is to just call the company and a taxi driver will be assigned to arrive at your apartment. Otherwise, online cab booking is also available in Jodhpur making it more comfortable. On the other hand, if a group wants privacy and their own time to slowly visit two to three places with multiple pickups and drop off points. Then, a car can be hired in Jodhpur and this would be the best option. It gives the user the feeling that they are travelling everywhere, in their own car. Jodhpur also has the finest hotels giving their people a luxurious feel. Car rentals in Jodhpur can provide the car necessary for the user and you are all set to embark your journey at the same time beating the heat. All of these options are budget friendly and do not cause a hole in your pocket.

Now that there are solutions to the weather issue, due to the cab services in Jodhpur, do not hesitate at all to visit Jodhpur.

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